Shocking past after shocking past. We finally get to see the background of the mastermind of the underground. Also, Law’s real name, for which I’ll get back in a minute.
Again, don’t get out of the feels train, we’re still in flashback land.

Doffy can dream also, and have bad ones. That’s when he remembers his past, as his father, Donquixote Homing, wants to abandon his status as a Celestial Dragon.
So, the Donquixote family gets their wish fulfilled and they are sent in a “normal” house to live a normal human life.
Homing was too optimistic with his plan. As he freely wanders around and gives away information that he’s a former Celestial Dragon, in thinking that he’ll get accepted with open arms by other people. He was very wrong though. The people, holding grudges against the Celestial Dragons, burned down the Donquixote’s house, and hunt them down.

I think that if Doflamingo wouldn’t be so reckless and behaving that bad, like screaming for slaves in the middle of the town, they would somehow get out of this much better, since Homing was a lovely man, and maybe he would turn people in his side. But that’s just me thinking positively.

Eitherway, Doffy’s mother died due to the bad circumstances they had when running away from the crowd. Doffy gets to learn what it is like to feel pain and hunger, which apparently non of the Tenryūbito know about, what a world to live for them, where they get all they want and never miss anything.

Realizing it far too late, Homing tried to contact Mariejois so that they get back their status as Tenryūbito. With no success though, as they turn him down right away. So the Donquixote Family are cornered and left alone, not wanted by anyone, seeing terror and horror from the humans, and rejection from the other Celestial Dragons, Doflamingo makes his plan to destroy their system. That’s how the Donquixote Pirates got that ambition they have now. There’s still one mystery though: How can Doflamingo be so close to the new self-called family, when he wasn’t as close with his real father.

Later we get to see that Law was accepted as one of the Donquixote Pirates. And that Doflamingo sees him as his right-hand man in the future. Law left very good impressions to Doflamingo at it seems. Of course, Law had killer eyes when he first came in the Donquixote base.

2 years later, Law tells his real full name to Baby 5 and Buffalo. Which is “Trafalgar D. Water Law”. D. Yes right, it’s the D. He’s one of them. Shocking, right?
This explains a lot of things. For example the talk he had with Doffy while fighting, that Luffy and the will of D will get Doflamingo. And in the other side, he’s the natural enemy of Doflamingo, one being a “D” and the other being a Tenryūbito. That’s why Corazon drags him out and tells him to get away from Doffy.

We will see what will happen in the next episode of One Piece. Stay tuned.