And you thought it couldn’t get any sadder. Get on the feels train, because we’re going to flashback land.

I encourage you to watch the episode before reading this, spoilers are included (duh, it’s a review).

In this episode we get to see how it all started, at least for Law.
It begins with Corazon throwing Law around, again. When they start to eat, and Law’s talking, they find out that he’s a survivor from the White Town Flevance. And as we dig deeper in the story we will see that it’s much sadder.

The Donquixote Pirates go to finish off a town that betrayed them, and they do it with ease, as they talk about the past of Flevance.

Flevance, also known as White City, a country in North Blue. Where mostly wealthy people resided, and the view of the town was to be questioned if it was real or now due to it’s marvelous beauty. Amber Lead was the reason behind the beauty and the wealth of the country, but it was also the reason behind the end of it. That beautiful white ore has been discovered to be poisonous, but the government chose not to inform the country of its dark nature, as to gain profit from the industry.
The world realized this too late, as the people of the country could not be saved from this toxicity anymore.
The citizens of the country became sick at the same time, and most of them died. Neighboring countries, from fear that the disease was contagious, isolated Flevance, and later killed all the citizens in it.

Law, who at that time was 10 years old, managed to survive, but had to see his father and mother lying dead, also all the other townspeople which were close to him. Later on he even loses his little sister. If that’s not enough, he had to hide under a stack of dead bodies so he could escape from that country.
Now as he has nothing else to lose, he chose to join the Donquixote Pirates, and “Kill as many people as possible” while he’s still alive.
Holding a grudge against Rosinante (Corazon), for his excessive behavior, Law stabs him in the back hoping that no one will notice this. He realizes that Buffalo was right behind him.

We’ll see what’ll happen in the next episode. Stay tuned.