Shanks? Really? I thought they were smart, and not wanting to go on a suicide trip, but the Kidd alliance are going after Shanks.

Well that got me there. This chapter was filled with lots of information, and was definitely one of the best chapters lately. Oda was really happy this week I guess. And this will be the first review, so I hope you like it.

Shanks, Akainu, Aokiji, Fujitora, Blackbeard, Kid, Hawkins, X-Drake, Apoo, Capone, Bonney, and many more, all in one chapter. That is sure to give you a lot of chills.

Kid’s alliance going after Shanks really got me there. They are planing to take on the strongest Yonkou, well this can be argued, but for me he is the strongest out there. Also, they will officially arrange a fight with Luffy if they really go after Shanks. I wanted to do a fair breakout on how the fight could go on and how this all would end, but I’m a really great fan of Shanks, so I’ll better leave it by that.

It has been confirmed. Aokiji is doing business with Blackbeard. We saw the conversation between BB and Burgess, and how Burgess didn’t trust Aokiji. I also think that he might have a plan, or something up his sleeves. You all probably thought of this possibility, but what could it be? Probably observing him from close and see how it’s best to beat him. As we know, Aokiji was really righteous. Even when he was in the Marines, he always decided based on “his justice” and not the absolute justice of the Marines.

Seeing the Gorosei arguing with Akainu over Doflamingo and Later about Luffy was really refreshing. Also seeing Akainu angry and how everyone doesn’t really respect them, just felt great. I mean, that bastard deserves it. More than that.
Guess we will see a bounty rise for Law and Luffy. Also for the crew members.

Fujitora seems to be just the right guy to take the position he has. Even Smoker admited that. Isshou has the balls to stand up against his superiors.

Hope you had fun reading it like I did. And also I hope that you liked my very first review. We’d like to hear from you in the comments below.