“Pirate Hunter Zoro” is the first who joins Monkey D. Luffy after he is rescued at the Marine Base from being killed.

He is a confident swordsman, and swordsmanship is his spirit. He is born to kill, and shows no compassion during fight. But, in spite of this he’s got a kind heart and uses the dull side of the sword to fight weak ones.

He is physically strong but not very intelligent out of the fighting area, and this is what he chose for himself because he prefers to be ignorant to matters that don’t interrupt his aim.

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro shows a complete lack of orientation. He gets lost even on straight ways, or misses instructions to climb stairs that are right in front of him.
In the ship he is usually training and he would rather do that than engaging in romantic relationships.

He is loyal to his captain and would give up his life as a swordsman for him, but again his dream to be the best swordsman in the world is above all…

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