Usopp, as being the sniper of the Strawhat Pirates, it’s clear that he is withdrawn from the main action. Well, he gets scared very easily from monster enemies that the Strawhats encounter, which is pretty normal for an average person, but we are used to see no fear in the other members, like Luffy, Zoro or Sanji, so that Usopp seems like a coward to us. He definitely is not such, as seen in various situations where he really is needed. He lately get even known as “God Usopp”.


Usopp has a very long nose, which resembles Pinocchio’s nose, as his character is build for him making a liar. He often takes credit of things that he didn’t accomplish by himself, like knocking down 50.000 fishmen with “his” Haki, and that he shakes the ground with his Haki, often says that he has 8.000 pirates in his crew, sometimes even 80.000, and so on. But often his lies come as true fact later in the series.

Regardless of his cowardly character, he is a very skilled sniper, following the footsteps of his father Yasopp, a crew member of the Redhaired Pirates. His sniping skills are best seen in the Enies Lobby arc, and also in the latest arc, Dressrosa.

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