The Pirate named Sanji with the epithet “Black-Leg”, is the cook of the Straw Hat. He’s got blonde hair combed on the right side of his head and you can see him almost every time wearing black suit. His eyebrows form a spiral end and are his most distinctive physical trait.


When fighting he uses only kicks. He thinks that the hands of the chief are the most important, thus one must not put them on jeopardy.

Diable Jamble is a kick technique Sanji uses, where he fires up his legs by flipping around quickly to increase his attack strength.

There are two things he would never do in this world: refuse someone a meal and hurting a woman. And these both are traits affected from his past.

His biggest dream is to find the All Blue sea which contains all types of fish.

In Japan he is voiced by Hiroaki Hirata and in the English adaption he is voiced by Eric Vale.

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