Robin was raised in Ohara, roof of the greatest library of the world. There she was taught to be an archaeologist at eight years old. There she always loved history, and thus she longs to be free to study the secrets of the world.

She has the power of the Paramecia-type Flower-Flower Fruit which allows her to have copies of her body parts e.g. eyes and ears appearing on areas around her. These powers of her Devil Fruit terrified other children when she was young and so they started calling her “Devil Child”.

Nico Robin

Her mother left her under her brother’s and his wife’s care when she was only two, after she went out to figure out the True History. They abused her physically and verbally and this affected her personality later making her hard to trust people easily.

Archaeologists of the Tree of Knowledge were always trying to find Rio Poneglyph (ancient stone) which is said to tell World’s true story. After Government learns this, they attack and she ends up as the only survivor of entire population of her island. After this she lives a life full of danger and as an assassin.

All these stories left trace in her character, making her calm, mature, and often without emotional reactions. But, she is often cheerful and the love for her Crew is so big that she considers them as her family and people she would die for.

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