Nami with the epithet ‘Cat Burglar’ is a pirate of the Straw Hat Pirates. Orange hair, slim body, average height and light brown eyes she is very attractive girl and one of the smartest character of the Straw Hats. Because she was very poor in her past, now she is very greedy and would do anything for money, thus she is a pickpocket and a thief. She is very intuitive also and possess ability to tell the climate and draw maps. Before meeting Luffy she distrusted pirates and thought of them as evil people and all this because she lost someone she loved greatly. Her biggest desire is to draw a map of entire world, and because of this she joined Monkey D. Luffy so she can be free to achieve her dream. Before she was a subordinate of the fishman Arlong.

Nami San

Even though she is obsessed with money, the love and loyalty for her crew is bigger and she would never betray them in exchange for wealth. But she did put them in a lot of debts, often. She controls the money that the crew spends and if she sees something going wrong or someone spending money without need she gets dread.

She is also very compassionate and sympathetic when something sad happens to her crew or other people. She loves fashion too as she changes her clothes often, and is super happy when she goes shopping.

In Japanese, Nami was voiced by Akemi Okamura, and Wakana Yamazaki substituted her for episodes 70-78. In English version she was voiced by Kerry Williams.

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