Known as Luffy, is the captain of the Strawhat pirates, and the protagonist in One Piece.
He is not the smartest guy you see in One Piece, but when it gets to fighting and battle, he’s a real genius.
His trademark is the Strawhat, which is a symbol for keeping the promise he gave to Shanks.

He is very stubborn when he focuses on some target (he normally sets himself). He usually picks the strongest opponent before even the fight begins, this is due to his instincts, which match those of a wild animal.

Luffy is seen mostly smiling, except when he’s fighting.


Besides his stubbornness, Luffy has also some other good qualities for fighting, like the power of the Devil Fruit. While the Gomu Gomu no Mi seems rather weak, for someone to be able to stretch his body doesn’t seem like a power package, but Luffy has fully utilized that power. Adding all three forms of Haki, and the genius in combat, he sure is a fighting machine.

We won’t go in more details, as this should be just a short description of the characters. If you want to read more about him, here you can go on full detail: Monkey D. Luffy (onepiece wikia)
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