Franky. Going by the epithet as “Franky the Cyborg”, is the shipwright of the strawhat pirates. He was the 8th member to join the crew.
Franky is often being called a pervert, mostly because of the way he’s dressed (a speedo and an opened Hawaiian shirt), but also because of the way he acts and fights. If you’ve seen the latest fight, you’ll know what I mean.

He is the second tallest and also the second oldest member in the crew.


He was first seen in the Water 7, in which island he was also raised. Franky learned all his shipbuilding skills there, as an apprentice of Tom, which at the time was considered the best shipbuilder in the world and also takes credit for building the ship of the former pirate king.

As a kid, Franky built many “small” ships with different and interesting weapons. This experience helped him build the Thousand Sunny, current ship of the Straw Hat pirates.

Franky shows very big interests in weapons, well at least the ones he comes up with, since he had the blueprints of one of the ancient weapons, and didn’t use them to build it.

After the time skip, he built some interesting new weapons in his body.

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