“Cotton Candy Lover” is a pirate and a doctor. He is ninety centimes (2’11½”) blue-nosed reindeer. The Devil Fruit Human-Human gave him the ability to transform into a human-reindeer hybrid. He also created a drug he named Rumble Ball which enables him to transform even more depending on the situations.

One word can describe his personality: adorable… He is so cute, naive and very shy unto unrecognised humans, acting all childish because that’s the best he can.


Even that he has trust issues with humans originating from his youth, he still tries to complete all the tasks his team orders to.

Compliments win his hearts, and when he receives one he acts happy like a child and he always reacts by telling the giver of the compliment to stop or he will become sad.

His dream is to become the doctor who can cure every disease, and when someone ill needs him, all his childish nature fades away.

Ikue Ōtani is his voice in Japan, and Lisa Ortiz’s is in English.

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