Brook, the “Humming Swordsman” later also taking the name as “Soul King” is the latest addition to the Strawhat crew. He is also the oldest, and tallest member in the crew.

Brook is a great musician, and a great swordsman. His fighting style with the sword can be seen by someone as fencing. Nevertheless, his fighting skills are remarkable.

Due to his devil fruit power (Yomi Yomi no Mi), he was dead, and has been reborn again, but just as a skeleton. He is 90 years old, making him one of the oldest characters “alive” in One Piece.


Brook has a weird humor, he is somewhat childish, even though he’s the oldest in the crew; get’s scared very easily, even though he’s a skeleton himself; And he always has a “skull joke” up his sleeves.

Laboon, the whale which probably everyone knows, was an old friend of Brook. Which crew promised Laboon that they would come back to him again. The “Rumbar Pirates” (former crew of Brook) ended up in a fight where everyone got killed, Brook was revived, but only to find out that all that was left of him was his skeleton, finding himself trapped in the Florian Triangle. He was trapped there for 50 years, and still didn’t forget the promise the crew gave to Laboon, so he’s hoping for a reunion with him soon.

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